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Creating brilliant energy solutions for governmental,
non-profit, and specialty-sector clients.

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  Welcome to Manzana Solar What Manzana Solar Does
Manzana means Apple - green, natural, and healthy just like solar!
What's in a name?
Meaning "apple" in Spanish, a manzana [mahn-sah'-nah] is green, natural,
and healthy, and their trees turn the sun's energy into valuable renewable
resources. This great example of nature's sustainability inspired us to
borrow the name for our company.
About Manzana Solar

About Us


Find out more about our
of proven marketing,
finance, engineering, and
installation professionals.

Manzana Solar Energy Systems
Manzana Solar's services

Our Services

  Manzana will design,
install, and maintain
the right solar energy
system for your needs.
Manzana Energy Solar Power
Manzana Solar's Project Partners

Our Partners

  Manzana has teamed
with leading providers
to ensure best-of-class,
reliable solar power.
Manzana Solar for Clean Power

Our Mission:
Manzana Solar is dedicated to
delivering the most effective
solar projects for our clients.

Our Method:
Our unique approach yields higher
financial savings, a greater benefit
to the environment, and a more
powerful impact in the community.

Our Goal:
To deliver solar projects to improve
the financial condition of our clients
and the state of our environment.

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